Message from the President

Our country deserves to live the best and highest quality.
Saral Construction Group was founded in 1971 by architect Osman Saral. For more than 40 years he has made thousands of families by manufacturing millions m2 in different branches of the group operating in the construction sector, residential and office owner. And emphasizes the application architecture, functional and ergonomic structures built in our group who is known for his work not by commercial concerns. This works in our group who always rightly boast of being the first big earthquake before the August 17, 1999 Sunflower project concept with & lsquo; advanced technology wood system & rsquo; The recognition of our country is experiencing the spiritual joy and implementation.

World & rsquo; environmentally friendly system with which the use of wood in this life concept, built with natural materials, ecological and seismic safety people healthy, it is important to offer the guarantee of a pleasant and comfortable life. As a result, all the requirements of modern life Sunflower has been leading the industry by implementing the project.

We manufacture produced and performed our work and our projects have life, and that all investments will be guaranteed and we are committed. The last 40 years shows that we are continuing on our way in the first days of excitement and ambition.

From 1948 until today, we tried always to produce better and better and we strive forward .. as all generations of our family, we stand behind all the work done with the same excitement.

All these years, experienced the be standing as a monument works in spite of natural disasters, ad-based and non-fully built on customer satisfaction, sales shown in the work done by the jargon of diligence, care and attention to people and our respect toward the public and the commercial value of our industry today, half a century of experience We handed the flag of the plane.

Values ​​that our families, individuals, families and our social responsibility, together with our team, and teammates are taking our signature to the bottom of these companies manifest all of our values ​​.. These thoughts uncompromising way, our principle in the light, we continue on our way.

Our country is beautiful and all the better to reach and wishes, we welcome everyone with love and respect.

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